Successfully Eating Clean

I have been eating a truly clean food plan since February 11, 2016.  Of course I’m not perfect, but I’ve been very successfully sticking with it.  My success comes from 4 different tools; following a balanced and healthy food plan, learning effective methods to restore and calm my brain, exercise and being more active, and participating in a community of supportive people who are also on the same program.

The benefits of this plan include:

  • The food plan balances my body systems.
  • My annual blood work was “perfect” according to my physician.
  • The cravings that I experience when I smell or see junk food are reduced, and I’m almost always successful in avoiding eating that crap.
  • My moods are more even and peaceful.
  • The program heals my brain from the damage that occurs when a person eats processed foods, including down-regulating our feel good neural pathways.
  • I’m learning to feel better about myself.
  • Being active is easier and feels good instead of hurting.
  • I feel supported and more informed about my health.
  • I’m learning about how the body actually functions.
  • I’m learning how my mind works.  I can step back and be the observer of my thoughts much more easily.

These changes are wonderful!


About KarlaTexas

I am a 7th Generation Texan who works freelance, both locally and online. My goal is to create projects that match the style and personality of my clients. I offer my services as a copy editor and proofreader, graphic designer, product photographer, photo editor, admin support and virtual assistant. My years of experience includes working as a marketing director, travel director, packaging designer, video producer, and customer service manager. I would love to to discuss your upcoming projects with you.
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