Heart of Texas Aerial Imagery

I’m pleased to announce a fantastic new addition to my freelance services.  Heart of Texas Aerial Imagery is the name of my company.  My website will be coming soon!


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Successfully Eating Clean

I have been eating a truly clean food plan since February 11, 2016.  Of course I’m not perfect, but I’ve been very successfully sticking with it.  My success comes from 4 different tools; following a balanced and healthy food plan, learning effective methods to restore and calm my brain, exercise and being more active, and participating in a community of supportive people who are also on the same program.

The benefits of this plan include:

  • The food plan balances my body systems.
  • My annual blood work was “perfect” according to my physician.
  • The cravings that I experience when I smell or see junk food are reduced, and I’m almost always successful in avoiding eating that crap.
  • My moods are more even and peaceful.
  • The program heals my brain from the damage that occurs when a person eats processed foods, including down-regulating our feel good neural pathways.
  • I’m learning to feel better about myself.
  • Being active is easier and feels good instead of hurting.
  • I feel supported and more informed about my health.
  • I’m learning about how the body actually functions.
  • I’m learning how my mind works.  I can step back and be the observer of my thoughts much more easily.

These changes are wonderful!

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Are you afraid of …

This article by Nicole at A Life Less Bullshit is great!  I’m sharing it here because I think everyone can benefit from it.  The article analyzes why we are afraid of Hard Work in certain areas of our life.

I’m reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg that Nicole suggested in a different article on her blog.  The ideas in this article can certainly help build confidence and belief in my abilities, which I’ve learned in the book will support every area of my life.

I recommend that you subscribe to Nicole’s blog.  Just be aware that she likes the F-bomb a lot.

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Secretarial and Graphics Services

My freelance work has grown over the years by word of mouth from satisfied customers.  In my area of Texas there is a real need for freelance secretarial and clerical services.  The many  businesses in Freestone and Limestone Counties of Texas need a way to get the job done when their staff needs help.

My idea is to offer my normal freelance services on a more local level by creating a new company.  I’m thinking about naming it and I thought that I would get opinions and ideas from others.

Please share your ideas in the comments.

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How to get a great night’s sleep?

What I Learned About Sleeping Better

Photo courtesy of Jonnnnnn on Flickr.

Photo courtesy of jonnnnnn on Flickr.

I recently had the opportunity to enjoy a class about how to improve your spiritual health by improving your sleep.

This class has inspired me to make some simple and long-needed changes in my choices.

For far too long, I have dragged myself out of bed in the morning because I didn’t sleep well at night.  This was almost everyday.  I decided to change a few things and see what happened.  The results were immediate and lasting as long as I keep doing the things I’ve listed below.

Our Pineal Gland is intricately involved with our ability to sleep because that’s the gland that produces Melatonin.

Our body is a complete system, so when one part of us is “out of whack” the rest can have problems because of that.  Because of this, we need to take care of our whole self to improve anything.

One of the fastest ways to improve the health of your body and your endocrine system is to enable your pineal gland to make the melatonin that your body needs to sleep well.

5 Easy Steps to Improve Sleep

1.  Eat Raw Food for your Supper.  Choose foods like nuts, fruits and vegetables. Eat other foods early in the day.  I try to eat meat, dairy and sweets for breakfast, lunch and daytime snacks.  This has helped me lose weight and sleep better.

2.  Do not eat after 7:00 pm at night, and don’t take your vitamins (or other nutrients) after 7:00 pm either.  Your body needs to sleep when it’s time to sleep.  If you eat a late snack or take your vitamins and then go to sleep, your body is busy digesting and processing instead of sleeping.

3.  Follow a bedtime routine.  This takes a small amount of discipline, but pays off big-time.  At least an hour before bed, shut off the technology, TV, phone, computer, video games, and anything else that disconnects you from your own mind and body.  This allows your body to begin the process of slowing down for sleep.  This trick works wonders for children and adults.

4.  Meditate, write in your journal, visualize your goals or follow a quiet spiritual practice during your bedtime routine.  This only takes 15 minutes or so, and allows you to come back to yourself.  Our thoughts and energy are bouncing everywhere throughout the day.  The focus of meditation and writing brings our energy back to us and helps us quiet our busy mind.

5.  Replace the Caffeinated Drinks with a healthy alternative after 3:00 pm in the afternoon.  I am an Iced Tea drinker, so this one is a challenge for me.  Stimulants, like caffeine keep your mind zipping right along and probably make you have to get up to use the restroom during the night.  Try drinking water, lemon water, fruit juice, or smoothies.

While I am sure that you can find many more tips on sleeping better, and I know there are a ton of articles about improving the health of your pineal gland, these 5 steps are helping me the most.

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How do I get more of what I want in life?

How do I get more of what I want in life?  And, get less of what I don’t want.  That’s a BIG question, isn’t it.

When we look back on life, we can see the good in the experiences we didn’t really want to happen at the time they happened.  While this is true, I don’t go looking for those experiences that I consider negative.  Call me crazy if you want to…

One of the lessons that I have heard in many forms over the years is “Live life ‘as if’ you are living the life you want.”  This sounds great on the surface, but I never totally understood it, and I think I do now.

To live life as you want to live it means to do the things that the person you want to be would be doing.  This sounds simple on the surface, but I will give you an example that shows the challenges.

I want to learn to Hoola Hoop.  I’ve tried it before, but I wasn’t successful.  I’ve read about it, and I even took a class.  What I have not done is Hoola Hoop for fun every chance I get.  Someone who is good at hooping does it a lot, and they enjoy it.  At least that’s the way I want to do it.

Another lesson that I’ve pondered for a long time is “Focus on the positive.  Look at what you have instead of what you don’t have.”  It sounds good, and in my mind I agree with that.  Why is it that I don’t do it?

I think the biggest reason is that I am afraid to “get my hopes up”, which is really silly.  The old saying about worry stealing my joy is very true.

I read an article today that I found very helpful.  “How Negative Energy Affects Your Life and How to Clear It.”  It reminded me that where I put my focus matters, and I can choose to change my negative thoughts as they show up in my life.

Positive or Negative Focus is my choice

My life experience follows my focus of attention.  So to live the life I want to live, I need to choose my thoughts and actions that match that life.

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Wild Edible Plants Class by Primitive Texas

I had a great time last Sunday, November 3, 2013, taking a Wild Edible Plants Class with Mark Suter of Primitive Texas.

The class was a little over 4 hours long and Mark taught us about edible plants, toxic plants and useful plants.  It was fun making soap out of a Yucca root.

The class was well worth the almost 2 hour drive from my house to Lick Creek Park in College Station.  What I liked most is that he kept the class moving while still letting us learn by doing.

Here are some photos I took during the class.

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Challenges are just friendly Dragons

Take a look at the challenges in life as Dragons.  Dragons are not something to fear.  They are our protectors, who don’t allow us to become stagnant.  They keep us excited and living life to the fullest.

This Beautiful Dragon image is by KawaiiHannah on DeviantArt

This Beautiful Dragon image is by KawaiiHannah on DeviantArt

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Portfolio for Karla Patterson

My clients benefit from my 25 years of experience working as a marketing director, travel director, packaging designer, video producer, and customer service manager.  Please share my information if you know of anyone needing my services for their projects.  The work can be done at the client’s location or in my office, and I’m willing to travel.

My goal is to create projects that match the style and personality of my clients.

Examples of my services:  copy editor and proofreader, travel director, product photographer, photo editor, graphic designer, admin support and virtual assistant.  I’ve included a few examples of my work below.

Portfolio Samples

Software expertise:  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Constant Contact, Aweber, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Encore, YouTube and Vimeo.

I would love to to discuss your upcoming projects with you.  Just fill out the form below to send me an email.

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Repeated Habits and Behaviors

I want to changeI’ve noticed that throughout my life there are several unwanted “habits” that I continue to hold on to, even though I don’t “think” I should do those things.  Why would I do this?

I can think of several reasons:

  • Plain old habit
  • Fear of the unknown “whatever” that changes will bring
  • Attachment to “something”.

How can I make the changes I want to make?

I’m willing to experiment with new ideas. I’m working on a couple of ideas to make the changes I want to make.  One is iNLP and the other is a quick free book that I just read that offered some great ideas “7 Secrets Your Mind Doesn’t Want You to Know”.

I’ll let you know how it goes in future posts.

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